Honestly, when The Man asked me if I was free on my birthday weekend for a little trip to Andermatt, I didm’t need to make much efforts to aide my enthousiasme. Alderman, Andermatt, in my oldest memories, I probably heard of it at school in Swiss history class. Oh yes, Uri, one of Switzerland’s three founding cantons. Please let me dream.

But whatever… I know couple life is made of compromise, and my high sense of sacrifice take the lead, I accept. After all, a big breath of fresh air can only be beneficial.

After 4 hours of train in some amazing automnal landscape under the sun, here we are. It’s here, right before our eyes, majestic, all wooden and stone… A gigantic mountain chalet incontestably breathtaking The Chedi Andermatt.

My scepticism little by little fades away, as we enter the building, welcome better than Catherine & William of Cambridge by the staff, who asks if we had a nice journey, offer some tea and brownies before taking us to our room.

SFAM Chedi Andermatt
SFAM Chedi Andermatt


SFAM Chedi Andermatt

Our room, or should I say appartment, it’s bigger than our entire flat at home… A fireplace, two walk-in dressing rooms, a huge bathroom and a living room. The bose sound system is amazing, and, as well as the heat, the air con, you can control everything by an iPad provided in the room in order to create the ambiance you like.

Any description would be artificial, the images talk for themselves:


SFAM Chedi Andermatt


I won’t be long, just tell you why you should at least once in your life go there:

  • The architecture, the chalet-chic ambiance, the beautiful materials and quality of hospitality.
  • The bread. They probably have the best bread I ever ate. The abundance and quality of the breakfast buffet are so great, you wish your tummy was  extensible to the infinity, but you could honestly content yourself of some simple tartines as the bread is so delicious. They even offer some honey on the shelf, a MUST!
  • The spa, with an interior-exterior pool, colère inside to sim, warmer outside, so gorgeous under the snow in winter. and several lounge beds. I was also lucky to enjoy a massage and can only recommend it. et
  • THE CHEESECAVE. I never saw such a cave in my life…


SFAM Chedi Andermatt

SFAM Chedi Andermatt

SFAM Chedi Andermatt


So by now you understand I make myself a whole other idea of Andermatt. I would love to be able to tell you it’s a gorgeous town with several treasures to explore, but I’m totally shamelessly admitting we never actually went outside…

Cherry on the top: we left with this winter’s first snow!

Chedi Andermatt

This hotel was recently sacred “Hotel of the year 2017” by Gault & Millau, after the Dolder Grand in Zurich in 2016, and I totally understand why. The feees are obviously adapte to the level of luxury but honestly it’s worth it, and check regularly Qoqa‘s offers, they already offered some great deals packages several times.

A little sacrifice never killed anyone right? 😉


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