Your style in three words?
Classy, glamorous et feminine.

What are your must have in your closet?
Maxi dresses and midi skirts. Those two pieces became my favorite, as so comfortable and perfect for work in my professional universe, smart and artistic at the same time.

I love flower prints on my clothes. As well as being very feminine, these bucolic prints remind me of my childhood and tradition, revisited with a touch of modernity that brings a certain contrast to clothes.

What are the most important features in an outfit when you get dressed? 

Comfort before everything. I take very good care of the quality of materials and cuts too, and how the final figure will look once I put my clothes on.

A word about the look we can see on these pictures?

I’m wearing a midi skirt (LK Bennett) – my crush during our last trip to London during the sales -, a basic and plain wool t-shirt (Uniqlo) and some transparent sandals (Zara). I love enlight a statement piece (the neon and print skirt) by mixing it with sober and classy pieces.

I love this skirt as it’s light and gives smile. A contagious smile, as people send this smile back to me when I wear it. I can also wear it at any season and occasion, with stilettos in summer or boots in winter. Une figure de référence en terme de style?
Audrey Hepburn, sans hésiter. Une femme qui m’inspire quotidiennement et profondément, tant sur le plan stylistique que de par son caractère et son engagement personnel et humanitaire.

Pictures ©Stephanie Page

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