Fashion may seem futile and ridiculous. I heard that from several mouths.

Of course, the item of clothing has an elementary purpose which is to protect himself or herself from outside assault, as climate or the look of the others.

Howewer, it has several functions that shall not be underestimated.

First of all, it is a social and historical marker.

Furthermore, it is a vector to show who we are and allows to show the world who we want to represent  Much more than just a piece of clothing, an outfit is a way to express oneself, to define ones unique character, to give, if it is not to support the tone of ones daily or instant mood.

In some case, it can even give charism, which may increase self-confidence.

The purpose of the present message is in no case to insinuate that the external presentation shall be irreproachable and perfect. On the contrary, it shall be synonymous of freedom. Whether you are a man or a woman, be confident with the choice of your outfit of the day. Get that famous piece you are hiding at the very bottom of your wardrobe under the pretext that you bought it on a sudden impulse. You will see, whether as a tool, for fun or just to be dressed, it will play an important role both on yourself and on your interlocutor. It all happens in the look as in the context.

I can’t thank Camille from the Boutique Camille in Lausanne enough, whom, thanks to his careful selection, offers each season unique and charismatic pieces from international designers as Dries Van Noten, Isabel Marant, Lemaire, Atelier Notify et Roberto Collina. Thanks to his precious advice and the one from his team, I managed to overcome the other’s judgment too focus on myself and my personality. Believe in my experience, their valuable recommendations are a must that you would in no case find online…

Images ©Stephanie Page Photography

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