A special occasion is on the way ?

The kind that you already know everyone will be well dressed, and you will have to be up, and there will be pictures taken?

Do you have a sudden panic sensation?

What to do, and, most important, what to wear?

The first option Would be to Wander from shop to shop in order to by a “cocktail” dress. After several fails (believe us, it’s an endangered specie). Buying the only dress found, that doesn’t only cost an arm, but doesn’t really fit our carnation (there’s only one, so take it or leave it). In the end, this dress will end at the back of your closet as ou will not be able to wear it a second time in public (that would actually even be forbidden)…

Definitely not the good option.

Laura Manco  knows that story… After studying fashion, Laura became a fashion styliste, cloche technicien and image consultant. After several years working as a manager in professionnal preformation, and then as a styliste, makeup and hair team manager in télévision industry this Young entrepreneur decided to build her own business of evening gowns rental, Style Story.

Style Story radically transforms the way we consume fashion. Not only the concept created by Laura brings s a more responsible fashion, it also allows you test a designer or style, following the Day mood and occasion. Finally, thanks to her, it’s easy to dress for a special occasion and dare wearing a pièce you Would only Think would exist in fashion magazines. Style Story allows you to live a unique moment, stressfree and without emptiying your bank account, as rental prices vary between 50 chf to 350 chf depending on your crush.

And it’s not over. As well as offering a refine sélection of high end dresses, skirts, tops, jumpsuits and accessoires that she rennes every six month, Laura offers image councelling that definitely prove her experience in coaching and relooking industry.

A unique offer that desserves the stop at the nice and charming showroom our couture aficionada created in Rolle main street. it’s also easy to sélect your crashes online and to send them back by post, without any additional costs.

We’d like to thank Laura so much for her audacieux concept that totally fils our values. Also for allowing us to live a magic shooting on a Sunday afternoon at hotel Beau-Rivage in Geneva,  alongside with our eternal (we hope so!) and faithful photographer Stephanie Page, talented makeup and hair artist Nicole Hermann Babel and high end and unique accessories designer, Ursua, Un bibi pour moi.

Looking forward to a special occasion? Go have a loot at Style Story!


SFAM Style Stry
Dress Hanita couture, turban Un bibi pour moi
Dress M Marquise, flower crown Un bibi pour moi
Dress M Marquise, clutch Yves Saint Laurent
Dress M Marquise, flower crown Un Bibi pour moi
Dress Gaby Garbatchy
Jumpsuit Gaby Garbatchy
Dress Hanita couture, turban Un Bibi pour moi
Dress Hanita couture
Skirt Hanita couture, bibi Un Bibi pour moi

Photos Stephanie Page

Make up & hair Nicole Hermann Babel

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