Meet Laureline & Tania

Sisters From Another Mother

The idea of creating a blog together already came a few years ago. However, the day we actually launched it, the had become so obvious to us it was almost a second nature.

Let us introduce ourselves…

©Ashley Puckett
©Ashley Puckett

Laureline is definitely the artist of the team.

Violin player, illustrator, and PR specialist, she has always had a taste for création. Her natural comfort in communication and never ending curiosity only increased her ease in using social media and digital platforms. A GEEK was born. You will love her creative and imaginative dishes as much for the tummy than the eyes.

Tania is incontestably the business woman of both.

She developed (to the greatest displeasure of her banker) a limites passion for the luxury sector. Her strong interest in développement, design and création made her feel the need to combine work and her passion, hence her specialization in commercial law. Having worked in the Haute Horlogerie world, she continually seeks to advise entrepreneurs and creators in order to support them in the development of their projects.

Two very different profiles, which finally complement each other perfectly. Whether for a drink, a shopping spree or a getaway, it’s a match!

A complicity that made us want to communicate and especially to share, to satisfy a curiosity by discovering the concept of blogging that is an integral part of the present society. A dream that has germinated in our minds for a long time.

Two sisters of style, passions and life …

Living in a city full of places, events and ideas that make us want to entrust …

We look forward to sharing our crushes and discoveries with you!

Enjoy and spread the love!

Laureline & Tania