It’s the main reason why I chose to start this blog. To meet creative people like Luna Ribes, discover and talk with them, help them and share their journeys and work with everyone.

A unique history, that sounds like a dream. I’d sign straight away for such a curriculum.

Only 23, Luna welcomed me in her workshop on a beautiful Friday. Her office is located in her family’s design agency, Ribes Design, in Corseaux. The perfect place to imagine, design and create, isolated from city noises, with an amazing view on the lake on top of it.

As well as living for her job, Luna definitely knows what she wants in life. Especially with her bachelor work for which she concretized the thematic, the young designer realized her dream by producing a full scarf collection.

One country, one scarf…

Cashmere and silk scarf “Dubaï”

Here’s the story :

After two years of college in the UK, where she learned design, art, jewellery, and then three years of Fine-Arts in Milan, Luna was un intern at Chanel in Paris, before launching her own collection in her homecountry. From Australia to Cuba, Paris to Perou, each piece represents hours of work: A country, a culture, a language, a whole universe for every single one.

Passionated, curious and with a firm character, it’s only her beginnings, as she still wishes to create as many scarves as there are countries in the world.

Cashmere and silk scarf “Vigne au coucher du soleil”

Made of silk, cachemire, and silk satin, each stole is made in a small textile company in Côme. Hand finished, they’re each edited between twenty and fifty pieces.

The message is clear: “Without the precious help of my family, I wouldn’t be there!” An example? “My brother Dimitri, manager in the design agency mentionnes previously, helps me non stop developing my brand, with the visual identity and digital evolution. He created the logo, the packaging and the website.”

Silk veil “Attention” (Australia)

A unique collection, colorful and so creative, that will fit anyone’s style and taste.

Thanks so much Luna and her family for their warm welcome.

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