The swimsuit choice can be quite a challenge. It definitely is one for us. From traille to bandeau, with points or frills, as well as sparkly ones, you already have to make a selection of the model you will wear all Summer long. Once selected (after many hours of reflexion, as, on top of that, you also have to choose the color), the piece also has to fit!

In the end, we always end up with the minimaliste and Classic piece. As well as being a safe value that will be by your side for years, it also gives you a sophisticated air “à la Romy Schneider ” in La Piscine.

About timeless pièces that give you self confidence as soon as you get in them, here is our Summer rush you might have seen us running in. Brand Kaio Swim was founded in March 2019 by two entrepreneurs women, Joanna and Chollada, who shared the same vision of creating a sustainable swimsuit collection for women. The company is based in Schaffhouse, where the idea was born.

With a retro cut and some fresh and unique colors, the bases and values of the brand directly convinced us. While some pieces are produced in Italy by a family company with cloth issued from recycled materials ( PURE collection), others (SOFT collection) are made in Thailand, where Chollada was born, in order to support her origin country and help women working in good conditions in the textile industry. That last collection is made in a certified manufacture in the central part of Thailand.

Created for all Women, the swimsuits by Kaio Swim go back to their initial purpose. Simple cuts, with délicate and original details, unique colors. We are seduced. Thank you Joanna and Chollada for creating these timeless and classy pieces, with our generation values, that will follow us for years!

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