Another new fitness place in Lausanne???

Such was my first reaction when I found out about Beat Fitness‘s opening, right under the station, Rue du Simplon 47 (I mean… I never put a foot in fitness… I’m more of a swimming pool and yoga kind of girl, you can imagine it was not in my top priorities in matter of discoveries).

HOWEVER, as I just looked a little closer, I quickly understood it wasn’t just another new fitness place that was about to open, just more than 2 months ago, and now that I’ve been able to test, to see the evolution, I can really tell you why I totally approved and changed my mind about fitness.

They offer 3 types of classes (some in English, some in French, depending on the instructor) :

FLOW, for yoga (I’ve only tested Daniela’s class so far and let me tell you it’s a bliss).

HIIT, High Intensity Training, a mix of cardio and muscle work (my favorite of course… just kidding…).

RIDE, it’s spinning… and let me tell you if you need a workout, you’ll have for your money there ! J.Lo can only worry about it…

Another plus you don’t always find elsewhere: they already start classes from 6h45, and the last class starts at 9h45, perfect to kick a long day in or out.

A profile on their website allows you to buy credit and book your spot in just a few clicks, and if the class is full, there’s a waiting list.


SFAM BEAT fitness


You can really see that every little detail has been thought carefully. The design is beautiful (it’s a first in a fitness place in Lausanne!!!), and welcome staff is always always smiling and very careful (I mean… they actually know your name after the first time you come).

The music is regularly selected by a DJ and the light is also not left to some plain white (blue, green??) neons… It gives you the feeling of being in a club in Ibiza. Thanks for the cheap travel!

One more detail: towels, Sachajuan shampoo, conditionner and shower gel (I’d actually go there only to wash my hair as these products are so amazing!) are provided, not to forget the hair straps, razors and other very welcome feminine accessories that we tend to forget sometimes.

SFAM Beat Fitness


Last but not least: freshly made smoothies wait for you after the class. What’s more to ask?




As you probably noticed, I have a whole new vision of fitness now, and I hope these few lines and pictures made you want to discover this place, just in time for summer!

Aaaaaaand as we are dying for you to test it, we are giving the first 100 of you a 7 week free trial! For that, you just need to click here.

See you on the yoga mat!

Take care.

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