The more time goes, the more  I feel like dressing feminine and sexy, but with my own touch, My favorite piece for that is a pair of jeans, as I am a casual style lover, that everyday look that needs to be simple and comfortable.

My favorite brand to do so? Levi’s, the pioneer brand of denim (back in 1873!), and reference, with a large range of different pieces: jackets, trousers, relax accessories and so on.

SFAM jeans

From perfectly fitting Skinny to high waisted (so in nowadays), as well as the “medium”, bootcut or straight legs, there’s one model for every body shape.

SFAM jeans

As well as being comfortable, this piece can fit to every occasion, and that, whatever the fashion is at the time. At the beach, I quickly slip in my 3/4 cut off, at work, I will opt for a straight legs with booties, and for a night out, I will wear a skinny that will follow my crazy moves on the dancefloor.

I was so happy to visit a few Levi’s shops in California, mother land of this mythic piece, and test all kid of models. For fall, I suggest the 511 Slim Fit in a “navy” shade, that I, unfortunately, didn’t find in my size.

Try it, you’ll love it!

SFAM jeans

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