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Fashion may seem futile and ridiculous. I heard that from several mouths.

Of course, the item of clothing has an elementary purpose which is to protect himself or herself from outside assault, as climate or the look of the others.

Howewer, it has several functions that shall not be underestimated.

First of all, it is a social and historical marker.… Read more

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SFAM jeans

The more time goes, the more  I feel like dressing feminine and sexy, but with my own touch, My favorite piece for that is a pair of jeans, as I am a casual style lover, that everyday look that needs to be simple and comfortable.

My favorite brand to do so? Levi’s, the pioneer brand of denim (back in 1873!),… Read more

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I always love when Fall approaches for two reasons: First of all, Elle Magazine releases the “Fashion Issue”. Secondly, it’s always a good excuse to purchase a few new statement pieces.

This idea has always helped me deal with end of Summer and the light feeling that goes with.

A new step, and even better, a new season, or the opportunity to reinvent yourself and create a new look.… Read more

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SFAM Max Mara manteau

Renewed each winter, it’s undeniabley  Max Mara‘s statement piece, which, dozen of years later (it was created in 1951! by the brannd’s founder) still sells about 190000 models each year.

Mixing creation, quality and marketing, the brand knows how to seduce women of all ages with its classic, elegant, and timeless pieces.

Three words for this iconic coat: chic, sophisticated and feminine.… Read more

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