SFAM Style Story

A special occasion is on the way ?

The kind that you already know everyone will be well dressed, and you will have to be up, and there will be pictures taken?

Do you have a sudden panic sensation?

What to do, and, most important, what to wear?

The first option Would be to Wander from shop to shop in order to by a “cocktail” dress.… Read more

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Fashion may seem futile and ridiculous. I heard that from several mouths.

Of course, the item of clothing has an elementary purpose which is to protect himself or herself from outside assault, as climate or the look of the others.

Howewer, it has several functions that shall not be underestimated.

First of all, it is a social and historical marker.… Read more

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It’s the main reason why I chose to start this blog. To meet creative people like Luna Ribes, discover and talk with them, help them and share their journeys and work with everyone.

A unique history, that sounds like a dream. I’d sign straight away for such a curriculum.

Only 23, Luna welcomed me in her workshop on a beautiful Friday.… Read more

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