SFAM Milan

There are some days like this, you wake up and feel like being in Italy.

The sun on your hair, la Dolce Vita, well dressed people, the trattorias with the simplest but most delicious pasta al pomodoro e basilico…

To fulfill this envy, my best remedy is a train ticket to Milan. It’s so easy to get there from Lausanne, and even if I always discover new places, here are my “must-go” whenever I go there:


Hotel Senato****

Family house recently turned into a 43 rooms hotel  (by Natalia Ranza, The Family’s granddaughter), this place is a treasure Via Senato, two seps away from Via Monte Napoleone and Duomo.… Read more

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SFAM Hotel de Rougemont

As you probably noticed, we love weekend getaways… as much as we love any type of transport, it’s even more appreciable when you don’t need to wake up at 3 am to jump on a plane. Sometimes, there’s no need to travel km away to be in a new world and recharge, and when the landscape on the way are breathtaking it’s even more enjoyable.… Read more

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The Chedi Andermatt

Honestly, when The Man asked me if I was free on my birthday weekend for a little trip to Andermatt, I didm’t need to make much efforts to aide my enthousiasme. Alderman, Andermatt, in my oldest memories, I probably heard of it at school in Swiss history class. Oh yes, Uri, one of Switzerland’s three founding cantons.… Read more

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