SFAM Saveurs Grecques Lausanne Palace

Eating is for me (and for many of you, I’m sure) one of the biggest pleasures in life, as well as very often the opportunity to share good moments in good company.

So being invited to spend a night in Lausanne Palace‘s kitchen, it was like Christmas after Christmas for me…

The idea was to discover the backstage of this emblematic place of our beloved city, alongside with chef Edgar Bovier, La Table d’Edgar since 2004, and his guest, greek chef Yannis Baxevanis, who revealed their little secrets.… Read more

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SFAM egg

If you wish to cook THAT egg, the only thing you need to know it’s that it’s easy as a piece of cake!

Put the egg in a pan and cover with cold water.

Heat maximum, and when the water starts boiling, set the timer on for 2 minutes and a half.


Turn the heat off, pour the water and add some cold water.… Read more

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sans lactose sans gluten

Sudden sweet craving? You have 20 minutes ahead?

Great news! We have THE receipe for you, that will only take 20 tiny minutes of your oh so precious time, needs only 3 ingredients (salt doesn’t count, right?) and will elevate you to the status of Goddess (or God… hello you Mr.!) in the eyes of every lucky one who will taste these yummy cookies.… Read more

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