When Anne Willi entered her boutique at the Rue Keller 5 in Paris, I immediately knew we would have an amazing moment together. Sparkling and smart, Anne welcomed me to her place as if we knew each other for ever. A lunch and a bunch of anecdotes later, I had the huge honor to discover her spring/summer 17 and automn/winter 17/18 (I swear!) collections in her shop, respectively in her studio.

Sober and sexy. Two terms to describe the designer’s brand. In my opinion, these explain its success in Japan, United States and Europe. A – at first glance – classical style which owerflows with a lot of refinement and femininity. Each piece adapts to the person who will wear it: the wrap dress, a class piece for working, which becomes festive in the evening, the reversibles pièces made from different materials…

A native of Switzerland and France, Anne grew up in Paris where she studied fashion design. Once graduated, she left the fashion capital for Tel-Aviv and created her brand named Anne Shimon, before coming back to Paris and developing her current brand Anne Willi.

An amazing woman who deserves her international success. I recommend every woman to try a piece created by Anne once in her life: it will fit her perfectly, no doubt about it.

On June 16th and 17th, Anne will join us at the Boutique Blue Velvet in Vevey and will present exclusive pieces of her last spring and sommer collection 2017 – a unique occasion to meet the young designer. Not to be missed!








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